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Shepherd fair


Whether you are a nature lover, an animal lover, a meat lover or a halloumi lover, the Shepherd’s Fair is an event you will definitely remember.

Head to Pachna wine village in Lemesos region and experience the shepherd’s tradition and farm life. See how our shepherds shear and milk sheep and goats. Smell and taste our traditional cheeses, halloumi and anari, while they are being produced in front of your eyes.

Learn about traditional stock raising through the exhibition of tools and farming items, talk with our craftsmen while they are demonstrating their craft and traditional skill, enjoy folk songs, and dance along our traditional music. Donkey rides, train tours, face painting and wheel pottery will keep our little friends amused for the day.

Join us in the free guided tours to Agios Stefanos and Agia Marina churches and visit the traditional dairy products market.

cyprus goats

Follow the Milky Way tour and find out more about the stories and traditions related to dairy products.


Where: Pachna

When: July 2025

Time: 17.00-21.00

Venue: Parking Place at the entrance of the village

For more information: +357 25942755 or

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