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Printmaking through memories

Printmaking through memories

The art of Printmaking meets traditional music and dances.

Hambis School and Museum of Engraving and Lemesos Folklore Society present the production “Refugees’ Memories! Asia Minor 1922 – Cyprus 1974; I remember and engrave at the village”. Engraving and narration unite with music and dances on the occasion of the 100 years since the Asia Minor Disaster and the uprooting of the Greek population from Smyrna in Asia Minor.

The villages of Salamiou, Moutoullas and Doros will host a two-day event with bounteous experiences and activities. The well-known engraver Hambis Tsangaris and the instructors of Hambis School of Engraving will offer free* workshops of this masterful art to locals and not only.

The workshops will be followed by an experiential lecture-narration by Hambis on “Displacement – Internal exile”. In his account, Hambis will unfold his experience as a refugee through his various works, touching a more social aspect of the topic. Hambis will be joined by other artists and writers, who will also share their memories from their homelands before their displacement.

And as music and dance serve as vital tools in memory preservation, the even will conclude with traditional music and dances from Cyprus, Smyrna and Asia Minor by the music band “Ex Adieretou” and Lemesos Folklore Society.

* Participants should bring their own tools and materials or buy them on spot. Participation at the engraving workshops is free of charge.


Where: Salamiou

When:  Saturday 16 July 09:30-13:00/15:30-18:00; Sunday 17 July 10:00-13:30

Venue: Salamiou Cultural Center (For the workshops)

When: Sunday 17 July 19:30

Venue: Picnic site “Kyparissos” (For lectures and music/dances show)

For more info: +357 99545629

Where: Moutoullas

When: Saturday 30 July 09:30-13:00/15:30-18:30; Sunday 31 July 10:00-13:30

Venue: Moutoullas Coop Building (For the workshops)

When: Sunday 31 July 19:30

Venue: Courtyard of St. Praskevi church (For lectures and music/dances show)

For more info: +357 99545629

Where: Doros

When and Time: Saturday 27 August 09:30-13:00/15:30-18:30; Sunday 28 July 10:00-13:30

Venue: Doros Community Park (For the workshops)

When: Sunday 28 July 19:30

Venue: Doros Community Park (For lectures and music/dances show)

For more info: +357 99545629

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