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Our traditional soups

When it’s cold outside, only one thing comes to mind: a warm bowl of soup. Warm up this winter with our hearty, nourishing and comfort traditional soups.

We rounded up our favorite flavors which are easy to whip up:

Trachanas soup: it could be our National soup. It is a thick soup, a mixture of grain and fermented milk. The milk is left to turn sour and then mixed with crushed wheat. The mixture is put to boil until it becomes thick. Afterwards, it is allowed to cool and set, shaped usually into long sticks and left to dry out in the sun. Trachanas making can be turned into a social gathering where women help each other and at the same time chat and learn the news of the day.

It is easy to prepare. Firstly, soften trachanas in water. Add water to a big pot, bring to boil and then add trachanas with its water. When the soup is ready, add lemon juice and season with salt. Add pieces of halloumi and give it another good stir. It is now ready to enjoy!

Avgolemoni: as the name implies, it is a soup made of eggs and lemon. This soup has a frothy lemon flavoured broth where rice and chicken are added. It becomes thicker with the addition of eggs and lemon. It is a classic Cypriot soup often served when someone feels a bit under the weather.

Louvana soup: it is simply a yellow split pea soup, but the Cyprus version differentiates it from the others due to its “tiganisi”. The yellow split peas are fried in pure olive oil with finely chopped onions and garlic. Louvana soup is healthy, vegan, gluten free, high in protein and low in fat but above all delicious.

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