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Mandarin Festivals

Have you tried Cyprus mandarins? Don’t they taste divine? Want to have a more in-depth mandarin experience? If yes, the Mandarin Festivals in Dierona and Arakapas villages are the place to be. These picturesque villages in the semi-mountainous area of Lemesos district are famous for their abundant citrus orchards and every February and March they organise the festivals to celebrate their juicy, divine fruit.

Visitors to the festivals are greeted with tasty mandarins and zivania (a strong traditional pomace drink). Smell the citrus in the air and discover mandarin liqueur, mandarin flavoured spirits, mandarin juice, mandarin sweets and dozens of other mandarin inspired concoctions. Enjoy and buy traditional dishes from food vendors onsite. The festivals also feature a stage program with traditional music and dances.

mandarin festival

Grab the opportunity to walk in the village of Dierona which was once a feud of Medieval Knights. Visit Archangel Michael church, the Old Primary School and the 200-year-old bridge that led villagers to the Flour Mills at the banks of Amathos river. In Arakapas, don’t miss to pay a visit to the church of Panagia Iamatiki.

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Where: Arakapas

When: 18/02/2024           Time: 11:00 – 17:00

Venue: Village square

For further info: +357 25622818


Where: Dierona

When: 23-24/03/2024            Time : 11:00 – 17:30

Venue : Village square

For further information:

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