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Linaia Festival

Linaia Festival

The name “Linaia” derives from the ancient Greek word “linos”: the traditional equipment used for grapes pressing. Dionysos, the God of wine, was also called Linaios. This festival celebrates the beginning of grape harvesting and takes place in Omodos, a village with a long history in winemaking.

Get ready to enjoy a day filled with Cyprus tradition. Handcrafters will teach you how to weave a reed basket and how to make a traditional chair. Local producers will demonstrate how to make Halloumi cheese, palouzes (creamy dessert of grape juice and flour) and soutzioukkos (strings of almonds or walnuts dipped in palouzes). Have a sneak peek at how Zivania (strong pomace drink) is distilled, deep your feet into the old-style winepress, take a ride with donkeys, walk in the nearby vineyards, and, of course, taste local wines. While at the village, enjoy traditional Cyprus dances and music, and mix with locals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stroll in the village, walk along the cobbled streets, visit the Monastery of the Holy Cross and the Winepress (Linos) and admire the scenic environment.

grapes pressing
grape harvesting

Where: Omodos village

When: 31/07/2022          Time: 15:30

Venue: Linos Winery

For more info: +357 99672104

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