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Lanes and Courtyards of Lania

The women of Lania invite you to their quaint village and their blooming yards!  Walk along the pebbly village alleys and enter their colourful gardens and courtyards. If you see a flower wreath hanging outside the door, it is a sign that you may enter. The hostess will welcome you with homemade sweets and refreshments.

Stroll around the narrow cobbled streets of Lania. All alleys lead to the church square where you will find stalls selling local products and crafts. Take part in pottery workshops and create spring wreaths with recyclable fabrics. The 2-day event features traditional dances and music as well.

Little visitors can participate in treasure hunts, watch a theatrical play and listen to tales and fables.

Venture up to Lania village and enjoy the warm hospitality of an authentic Heartland village.

Where: Lania

When: 18-19/05/2024 Time: 11:00 – 17:00

Venue: Church square, Museum courtyard and “Athasi” creative studio

For more info: +357 99845153, +357 99920264 or

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