Many of the old walking trails and narrow dirt tracks that connected the heartland villages or led the locals to their fields, fruit plants and daily businesses are nowadays part of the Cyprus nature trails network. Donkeys and the mules carried people, tools and crops to and from the fields, while camels traveled the longer distances from and to the ports and facilitated the import and export of goods. Even at the beginning of the 20th Century animals, especially the Cyprus Donkey, having an innate instinct of choosing the most accessible paths assisted the road construction in the mountainous areas.

Many of the modern mountain roads lay on old pathways.

Mapped Nature trails crisscross the mountains, the hills and the heartland plains, where nature lovers can hike, enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking views, admire the endemic flora and fauna, practice mountain climbing and get acquainted with the geological formation of the island. You will hear trees whispering in the gentle breeze and birds gossiping on the high branches of the trees. Hiking helps connect us with our roots to this Earth, giving us a feeling of responsibility to protect and preserve its sacredness.

hiking slope
hiking river

Being close to nature and reaping the benefits of being outdoor enhances your life quality. There is a tendency today towards the pursuit of activities that stimulate one’s senses and away from the complexity and noise of the daily life. Cyprus’ benign and generous nature offers abundance of choices that boost your well-being. The speed of life, these days, seems to crowd our brains with too much information. The recipe of Hiking and Nature is a remedy for unclogging the mind of the unnecessary and allowing us to focus on the bigger picture.

Most choose hikes based on how capable they are feeling or the size of the challenge they want.

In either case, all hikers end up mentally feeling the same: accomplished and clear minded. With the clarity we gain from hiking, inspiration can pour in.

Follow one of the Nature Trails on a solidary exploration or search for a guided hike to discover more. The Cyprus Forestry Department has developed more than 65 nature trails of various degrees of difficulty to suit every taste. Whether you decide to go it alone or to follow a guided tour (they are offered by the local travel agents) the forests of Cyprus will offer you the peace of mind and the chance to reconnect with nature.

Other Heartland Activities

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