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Cherry Festivals

Who can say no to cherries? These scarlet beady fruits have pleased the palates of food lovers for centuries and June, the first month of summer, is the peak season for Cyprus cherries. Cherry trees grow on the Troodos Mountain slopes, where the climate is favorable for this juicy and healthy fruit. Two varieties are mainly cultivated on our island; the purple-black petrokeraza and the pinkish-white “French”.

We like to enjoy our cherries freshly picked from the tree; however, we also make Glyko Kerassi (a cherry spoon-sweet preserved in syrup) and cherry jam.

The villages of Kampos, Pedoulas, Platanistasa and Treis Elies, all nestled on Troodos Mountain range, celebrate cherries with annual festivals. All festivals feature a packed schedule of activities such as cooking demonstrations, children’s activities, live music and dancing, marketplaces with traditional products, workshops, walks along cherry orchards and much more.

Head to one of these four festivals, mingle with the locals and enjoy cherry moments.

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Where: Kampos

When: 01-02/ 06/ 2024

Time: Sat: 14:30-24:00, Sun: 08:00-20:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 22942450, +357 99415224


Where: Pedoulas

When: 15-16/06/2024

Time: Sat. 10:00 – 24:00 – Sun. 10:00 – 19:00

Venue: Periklos Hadjivasilis street & Pedoulas Gymnasium

For more info: +357 22952629

Where: Platanistasa

When: 15/06/2024

Time: 20:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 99609200 c/o Mr Antros Aloneftis


Where: Treis Elies

When: 01/06/2024

Time: 16:00 – 24:00

Venue: Village square & Primary school

For more info: +357 99645928

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