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Wheat Harvest Festival

It’s harvest time and Acheritou village invites us to celebrate. This small village in Ammochostos district is the gateway to Mesaoria plain which was the “granary” of our island since ancient times.

Fun is guaranteed with demonstrations and, of course, food. Learn everything about growing, harvesting, and grinding wheat, grain and flour. There will be an exhibition of old farming tools demonstrating the harvesting procedures of the past. You may also view and purchase traditional Cyprus handicrafts. Local women bake traditional bread and also prepare other traditional wheat products, such as Trachanas (a thick soup made of grain and fermented milk) and Resi (wedding dish made of coarsely wheat boiled in meat broth).

The entertainment program features also live music and traditional Cypriot dances including the reenactment of gathering, threshing (separation of kernel from husk) and winnowing (cleaning the chaff from the grain) of the wheat.

Click on Our Crops in the Heartland of Legends to learn more about our star produces and find out the stories behind them.


Where: Acheritou-Vrysoulles

When: 15/09/2023 Time: 20:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 23962346

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