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Watermelon Festivals

Watermelon is certainly the king of summer fruits and Cyprus summer kicks off with a slice of juicy watermelon paired with halloumi cheese. If you haven’t tasted this heavenly sweet and salty combination, you can’t say that you have experienced summer the Cypriot way.

We call watermelon Karpouzi in Standard Greek and Pattiha in our Cypriot dialect. We consume enormous amounts of watermelon, as indicated by the huge piles of watermelons at fruit markets and watermelon tracks roaming the island.  We eat it as a main meal, as a snack, at home, at restaurants, even at the beach.

We are very proud of our giant red produce, and we invite you to celebrate watermelon harvest in two of our watermelon growing villages:  Frenaros in Famagusta region and Akaki in Nicosia region.

Join the festivals and enjoy abundant watermelon. Sip watermelon cocktails, try Glyko Karpouzi (a watermelon spoon-sweet preserved in syrup) and enjoy a mouthwatering festival to beat the summer heat.

Both festivals feature numerous activities including live concerts with well-known singers, traditional dances, arts and crafts, children’s playgrounds and food vendors.

Click on Our Crops in the Heartland of Legends to learn more about our star produces and find out the stories behind them.

watermelon festival

Where: Frenaros

When: 12/07/2024

Time: 20:15

Venue: Frenaros Communal Stadium

For more info: +357 23821389

Where: Akaki

When: 28/07/2023

Time: 20:30

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 22822351

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