Stop and Breathe

Orestiades, the nymphs of the forest, will show you their home. They will lure you into the Troodos mountain range and many other pine glad mountain tops. They will share with you their favorite spots where you can stop, take a deep breath and feel mesmerized by the uninterrupted views. Sinoa viewpoint near Kellaki village, Moutti tou Kalogirou viewpoint in Korakou village, Profitis Elias viewpoint in Evrychou village are only a few of the numerous places where “breathing dreams like air” as F. Scott Fitzgerald said.


Once you find your perfect and ideal spot, Orestiades will bit you farewell and Sylphides, the air fairies, will come to you. You will feel their sigh in the cool breeze and their whispers will make the tree leaves swish gently. Deafening silence and tranquility reign and the only thing you have to do is to stand still and breathe in. You will feel your lungs fill with fragrant air and your chest to rise. Release any tension and breathe out the stress. The health benefits of fresh air are plentiful. It improves blood pressure and heart rate, it cleans the lungs, it strengthens the immune system, it enhances the digestive system, it gives more energy and a sharper mind and it makes you happier as you inhale serotonin (the happy hormone).

As you leave the mountains and the forests, Dryads, the nymphs of the trees and meadows, will guide you to their fragrant playgrounds. Breathe in the aromas of the countryside and let your gaze embrace the myriad colors of the Cyprus nature palette under the bright blue sky. Discover in mid-March the red meadows of tulips in Polemi village, the rose fields and slopes in Agros village during the month of May, in February the almond trees plain in Limnatis village or even in late February the “pink meadow” in Klirou village covered with henbit dead-nettle flowers. Let yourself bask under the sun, feel the touch of the fresh air on your cheeks and surrender to the scents of the herbs. Pamper yourself with spices and herbs that nature lavishly provides us with, like oregano, thyme, bay leaves, sage, mint, lemon verbena and many more.

It is certain that the beauty of our ancient lands will make you feel nymphs and fairies accompanying you throughout your wandering in the Heartland of legends.


“Deafening silence and tranquility reign and the only thing you have to do is to stand still and breath in.”

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