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Stin Ygeian mas: Cyprus beer

Craving a refreshing escape? Look no further than a cold Cyprus beer! This golden beverage boasts a rich history on the island that stretches back to the 3rd millennium BC. Excavations in Kissonerga brought to light a malting kiln, proving that Cyprus has been producing beer since then.

The island’s modern beer story began in the 1930s with the iconic “A” brand. From this time forth, a vibrant market with diverse labels has emerged. Recently, the craft beer scene has exploded, with passionate microbreweries popping up across the heartland villages. Using local ingredients, such as citrus fruits, local herbs and hops, Cypriot breweries create a distinct taste that reflects the island’s unique terroir. Explore the spectrum of Cypriot beers, from the refreshing lightness of a lager to the robust character of full-bodied ales.

Challenge yourself with the bold hoppiness of an IPA and don’t miss out on seasonal beers infused with local fruits. Be sure to try the unique grape ale, brewed with Xynisteri, a local grape variety!

Cyprus hosts several beer festivals throughout the year, celebrating the island’s beer culture. These events provide a platform for local breweries to showcase their products and for beer enthusiasts to explore a wide range of brews.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cold one, clink glasses with friends and embark on the island’s vibrant beer scene.

And always remember: Drink and enjoy beer moderately and responsibly.

Mark your calendars!

Beer Phelstival

Where: Pelendri village

When: 02-04/08/2024     Time: 18:00 – 23:45

Venue: Cultural Centre


Tel: +357 99891675, +35799076338

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