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glyka koutaliou

Spoon Sweets Festival

This is definitely the sweetest festival of all! A sweet journey to tradition where you can taste different kinds of spoon sweets, buy the ones you like the most and even ask for the recipe.

But what is glyko tou koutaliou? It is a form of preserved fruits and nuts in syrup. Guests in Cyprus, both local and foreign, are usually offered glyko tou koutaliou by their hosts as a welcome treat. These delicious preserves are also served as a dessert in all traditional tavernas. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy it as a delightful mid-afternoon titbit or order it with your Cyprus coffee.

Off then to the charming village of Kakopetria to celebrate these delicious desserts with locals. Enjoy the cool air and the beautiful setting of the village, take free guided walking tours in the narrow streets of old Kakopetria and visit small local museums. Browse the different stalls, get a close-up of the various colourful jars, and try to figure out what fruit you see.

You will be surprised by the variety and creativity: green walnuts, quinces, tiny white aubergines, cherries, figs stuffed with almonds, strips of watermelon rind, bitter orange peel, little curls of orange peel….and many more.

More traditional Cypriot products will be on sale at the festival giving you the opportunity to taste real Cyprus. The event is enriched with live traditional music and dancing and special activities for children.

glyka koutaliou
spoon festival

Where: Kakopetria village

When: 24/09/2022    Time: 11:00 – 20:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 22922323 or (For guided walks call +357 22765755)

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