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Slow Life

Experience the slow life

“Slow down. Discover. Experience. Create memories”

Nowadays, life moves at such a fast pace that it seems to overtake us before we can really enjoy it. Life does not have to be this way.  When the whole world is trying to slow down – we Cypriots already have it. We love our island, we respect family values and we like to chill.

Our lifestyle is fairly relaxed and informal – our island’s unofficial motto “siga-siga”, means “slowly-slowly and translates to “do not stress, take things step by step”, this way you’re more likely to succeed. Folk wisdom advice us “Whoever is in a hurry stumbles” (Όποιος βκιάζεται σκονταύκει), a proverb Cypriots commonly use.


When you visit one of the quaint villages of the Heartland of Legends route you will get the chance to immerse yourself in a now forgotten relaxed way of life and bring yourself closer to nature. The sun is shining 320 days a year and the weather is mild even in the winter. The occasional rain shower is always welcome and it usually doesn’t last long. Turn your face to the sun and let the sunshine hug you. In the villages there are still boundaries between the time for hard work, the time to relax and the time to celebrate. Most of the people here work in the agricultural sector therefore the seasons and the time of the day dictate the workload. When the animals are fed and the crops are harvested you might find the men relaxing at the kafeneio and the women exchanging visits. Explore the village on foot and you will see that you will get a very different perspective. Have a Cyprus coffee at the kafeneio, which is the best place to meet the locals. Strike a conversation with them, you will discover more about the place and you will get the best tips. Maybe you will make new friends and most probably, you will be invited to a treat, a lunch or dinner.

The term “slow life” is inextricably linked to slow food, which is to eat good local, top quality products, prepared with love and passion. We love food and eating well makes us happy. Food is like a love affair for us.  Eating al-fresco with family and friends is a large part of our Cypriot lifestyle. Lots of food will be coming your way. Do not rush, try a bit of everything, talk to the people around you, savour the new tastes, laugh; it will take hours to finish the meal but you will feel full not only because of the food but also because of this new experience.

Try local products. This is a way to expand your gastronomic palate and discover new local delicacies. Go to small markets, buy local products, or try to cook a typical local dish, it could be fun. Visiting a local market can be a multi-sensual experience. Slow down and enjoy all the smells, the colours, the sounds and the taste of fresh fruits and veggies.

There is a huge difference between visiting a country and living it.So
slow down. Discover. Experience and make memories!

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