route heartland of legends

Heartland of Legends

The Heartland Of Legends Route

Cyprus is the island of legends and Stories. Almost every single place, village, mountain, river, countless rocks, trees, monuments, has its magical story. Stories about their name, their importance, how they came to be and how Cypriots loved, worshiped and cherished the islands’ nature. Stories about mythical creatures, legends about brave men, soldiers and infamous bandits and beautiful queens. Myths about places of great beauty chosen by the gods for their escapades. Places where great love stories unfold, full of passion and intrigue. Stories about ancient wisdom of how to make strange portions, using the nature’s cabinet to cure aliments of the body and the heart alike.
The Cyprus soul, its heartland. Full of legend and stories, hospitable people, traditions and fresh produce. Perfectly, hidden places where you can unwind; enjoy slow life, tasty food and healthy climate. Breathe the sweet, fragrant air and feel your body relax and your soul to start searching for magical stories.

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