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Resi Festival

“Kopiaste” to Letymbou village to enjoy a day dedicated to “Resi”: one of the most traditional dishes served at a Cypriot wedding. Though no weddings take place in the first fortnight of August, the women of Letymbou will prepare Resi for everybody, giving you a unique opportunity to taste this special food. A chance not to be missed!

But what is Resi? How does it taste? Resi is mainly served in Pafos and Lemesos Districts. First, goat or lamb is cooked in a cauldron on low heat.

When the meat is cooked, wheat is added and then cooked again, until the meat melts, giving a creamy texture and a heavenly taste.

Of course, your trip to Letymbou village will not compensate your tastebuds only. Local dancing and music groups will present traditional dances and songs, while you will also have the opportunity to try other traditional dishes and drink zivania or village wine.

resi making
resi cooking

Where: Letymbou

When: 26/08/2023          Time: 19.00

Venue:  Village Square

For further information:    or call + 357 26642315

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