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Refreshing summer drinks

Cyprus summers can be really hot. Quench your thirst with our revitalizing and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages and keep cool and energized all day long!  Among our traditional cold beverages are Triantafyllo (Rose cordial), Soumada (Almond syrup), Airani and Cyprus lemonade. These drinks can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike and are the best way to beat the summer heat and get ready to take on more excursions around the island!

Being offered as a welcome drink to guests all year round, Lemonade is a prominent beverage of Cyprus hospitality. As lemon trees abound in every backyard, homemade lemonade is a drink you can find in every Cypriot fridge. Put a few drops of lemonade into a long glass and then add cold water and ice cubes. You may add mint leaves for an intensified taste and aroma.

Triantafyllo is a concentrated syrup made from rose petals. It is typically made with fresh or dried rose petals, sugar, water and a small amount of lemon juice to balance the sweet flavor. You can enjoy Triantafyllo in two ways: mixed with either cold milk or water. Both options are equally freshening. The amount of Triantafyllo you pour depends on how sweet you like your drink. Triantafyllo is also used as a sweetener for desserts such as mahalepi or to flavor ice cream.

Soumada is an off-white drink with a delicate aroma and a distinctive taste of almonds. Soumada is an ancient drink with a history stretching back to old times, when it was known as thiasion (Athasia are the almonds). Legend has it, King Peter I of Cyprus offered Soumada to King Casimir III of Poland at the Congress of Krakow in 1364.

Airani is a beverage made with sour sheep yoghurt, water, salt and mint. It is very refreshing, healthy, it assists digestion and boosts skin health. Being low in fat and calories, you may enjoy it without any sugar guilt.

You can taste all these beverages at any traditional kafeneio or you can buy them in supermarkets. They are easy-to-make and offer waves of pure refreshment with every sip both for you and your guests.

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