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Protomayia – A flower wreath for May

On May 1st we celebrate nature’s blooming.  In ancient times, this day was dedicated to Dimitra, the goddess fertility and agriculture. Her daughter Persephone would leave Hades the god of death, who abducted and married her. She would come to earth and her mother, who would rejoice her return. The nature would bloom and fill with colors and aromas.


Nowadays, the most common custom of May 1st is the weaving of a flower wreath from green leaves and wild flowers. We hung it on the front door of our houses and we believe that it will protect us from the “evil eye” (people who wish us harm) and bring health and happiness to all household members.


The wreath will hung until June 24th, which is Agios Ioannis (Saint John) Day, when it will be burnt in a bonfire.

Spring is colorful and fragrant in the villages of the Heartland of Legends! Come weave your own flower wreath and welcome nature in your home!


Live the experience

Vouni village organizes every year the “May Wreath Competition”. Join the competition and unfold your skills in making the most beautiful wreath. Don’t forget to bring your own fresh flowers.

Professional florists and artificial flowers are not allowed!


Where: Vouni

When: 19/05/2024                       Time: 16:00

Venue: Museum square

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