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Potato Festivals

Potatoes have a starring role in Kokkinochoria (Red Soil Villages), an area that took its name from the intense fertile red soil and is renowned for the production of the tastiest potatoes in Europe (if not the world). Join the Potato Festivals in either Avgorou or Xylofagou villages and you will see that you will fall in love with this humble spud.

Take this opportunity to taste your favorite vegetable cooked in traditional and alternative ways. Experienced cooks will give you tips on how to cook your potatoes to perfection. Have a look at the potato exhibition and learn about the numerous varieties that are cultivated in the region.

See the farm machinery and equipment exhibition and interact with locals who will showcase traditional occupations related to potato cultivation.

The festivals will conclude with a concert with famous Greek singers, where you can join locals in an unforgettable experience of music and signing sharing.

Click on Our Crops in the Heartland of Legends to learn more about our star produces and find out the stories behind them.

Where: Avgorou Village

When: 27/07/2024

Time: 20:00

Venue: Avgorou Community Football Field

For more info:, tel: +357 23922680, +357 23923700

Where: Xylofagou village

When: 07 & 08/09/2023

Time: 19:30

Venue: Potato Packaging Plant

For more info: +357 24815815

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