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“Pithoigia” Festival – “Annoiman tou pitharkou”

“Pithoigia” festival is connected to Dionysus, Greek God of grape harvesting, winemaking and wine. People used to offer the first wine to God Dionysus in his sanctuary in Limnais in Athens pouring it on the soil as a prayer for good harvest. Only after offering the first wine to God, would they taste it themselves. And, of course, a grand celebration would follow, with dancing and singing.

Every November Koilani village welcomes thousands of people to celebrate “Pithoigia”, the wine-jar opening (annoiman tou pitharkou), which marks the tasting of the first wine of the season. When the time for the jar opening comes, beautiful girls in traditional costumes purify the jar with kapnistopereha (censers). The president of the community removes the stone lid of the jar and invites everybody to taste the wine, marking the beginning of the celebrations.

Drink wine, taste local grape delicacies, make palouzes and try “glitzista” (sweet pastries that are only made in Koilani).

Make the most of your visit to Koilani by exploring the village, which retains its traditional architecture with houses built with local limestone, tiled or flat roofs, picturesque lofts, arches and decorated frames.

When: 12/11/2023

Time: 12:00

Venue: Koilani’s Cultural Events Venue

For further information: +357 25 471008 or

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