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peach festival

Peach Festival

It’s Peach Time! And we will all celebrate this mouthwatering produce at Kato Mylos. Kato Mylos is a village in Pitsilia region with far-reaching mountain tops and views of Limnatis valley, dotted with peach trees.

Join our Peach Festival, a full day of celebrations, exhibitions, demonstrations of peach liqueur making, fun and games for children, and lots of Kato Mylos-grown peaches to take home. You can make your own refreshing peach smoothie or peach ice-tea to cool down on a hot day. You can even bake a peach pie.

The festival features bread making workshops and shadow theatre, while the TV cook Chryso Lefou will demonstrate how to make peach compote and peach jam.

As expected, in the evening we eat and dance together to live Cypriot music and songs!

There is no doubt that you will ap-peach-iate your time at this juicy festival.

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peach festival
halloumi peach

Where: Kato Mylos

When: 17/08/2024           Time: 10:00 – 22:00

Venue: Church courtyard, Old Primary School, Cultural Center “Rodakinia”

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