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Pasta Flavors Festival

Who said you need to travel to Italy to taste traditional pasta? Incredible as it may sound, Cyprus has a long tradition in pasta making. A lot of traditional Cyprus dishes involve various types of pasta, therefore local women know how to prepare pasta from scratch. The villages located in the mountainous area of Larnaka are renowned for their pasta dishes, so if you are a pasta lover, Pasta Flavors Festival in Agios Theodoros village is a must.

At the festival not only will you taste our unique Cypriot pasta dishes, but you will also learn how to make “Makaronia Sklinitziou” (pasta with bulrush), which is registered as Protected Geographical Indication, “Chontrofides” (thick pasta like vermicelli) and “Tertzelouthkia” (loop or spiral shaped dough cookies with carob syrup).

The festival also features bread baking in a clay oven, shadow theatre, demonstration of creative traditional recipes by TV personality Chryso Lefou, a workshop of wheat grinding on stone hand mills, and of course traditional Cypriot music, songs and dances.

pasta flavors
pasta festival

Where: Agios Theodoros village

When: 04/08/2023          Time: 19:30

Venue: Community Building Courtyard

For more info: +357 24322010 or

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