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Olives and Aromas Festival

Evrychou village, the agricultural heart of Solea region, is getting dressed up for a tribute to its main crops: olives and herbs. It’s a two-day festival where visitors come to enjoy music and dancing, cooking demonstrations, workshops for children and adults, as well as seminars, immersing themselves in an aromatic world of olives and herbs.

Start your day at the festival with “Mpoukkoma” (small bites of traditional breakfast) to gain the energy and strength you will need to attend the workshops that will follow. Learn how to knead dough to make eliopites (savory olive pies), give a go to crushing green olives, learn about the ancient and modern essential oil extraction methods and take part in workshops on olive-based products making.

At the festival you may also attend truly interesting seminars on the Mediterranean diet and on the key role of the olives and herbs. You may also visit an olive press and view how olive oil is produced. Our little friends will enjoy activities for children like painting and handicrafts.

olives oil

Still hungry? Food vendors will be available onsite serving traditional (and not only) dishes. Enjoy your food while watching traditional dances performed by local dance groups and listening to live music by a Greek band.

Click on Our Crops in the Heartland of Legends to learn more about our star produces and find out the stories behind them. Follow our Aromas route to discover the abundance of herbs and aromatic plants and find out their stories.


Where: Evrychou village

When: TBA         Time: 10:00-21:00

Venue: Courtyard of Soleas’ Gymnasium and Lyceum

For more info: +357 22932228

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