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mosfilo festival

Mosfilo (Hawthorn) Festival

Only a handful of Heartland of Legends villages are named after a tree. One of them is Mosfiloti, a village in Larnaka district, whose name derives from “Mosfilia” tree (Crataegus azarolus or Hawthorn), which abounds in the area. Mosfilia tree blooms in May creating a beautiful white scenery, while its fruits ripe in October, the perfect time for Mosfiloti and its people to doll up and celebrate the harvest season.

Join the festival, mingle with the locals and discover interesting information about this berry and its beneficial properties. Mosfilo has been used as a remedy for heart failures, digestive problems and high blood pressure. Browse around the various stalls and see how mosfilo jam or jelly is made. Don’t forget to buy a couple of jars to enjoy a delicious spread on your toasted bread or as a topping on cakes.

You will also have the chance to taste and buy traditional products such as freshly baked bread in a wood-fire oven, halloumi and anari cheese, trachanas (a thick soup based on a mixture of grain and fermented milk), palouzes (creamy dessert; grape juice mixed with flour), soutzioukkos (strings of almonds or walnuts dipped in palouzes), loukoumades (honey balls), zalatina (a jelly appetizer made from pig’s head and trotters) and many other traditional dishes.

The festival features handcrafters, demonstrating forgotten items and utensils, children’s activities, traditional music and dances.


Where: Mosfiloti

When: 22/10/2023          Time: 13:00 – 18:00

Venue: Youth center (next to St. Marina’s church)

For more info: +357 22465370 or

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