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Maxilles Fair

At the edge of Pafos Forest lies the beautiful village of Lysos, which hosts an event that shines a spotlight to its famed Maxilles, the sun-dried figs listed in the UNESCO Cyprus Intangible Heritage List.

Maxilles differ from other sun-dried figs because the locals use a different technique. With the use of a straw, they daub the edge of the figs with olive oil, while still on the tree. After about 7 days, the fruits ripen and are ready for collection. The figs are placed on pine needles on the ground for 1-2 days to wilt. Afterwards, they are cut in half and left for 3-4 additional days to dry. They are then placed in warm water with fennel for 1-2 minutes, before they are drained and left to cool/dry.

The event kicks off with a documentary screening showcasing the history of Maxilles, followed by culinary demonstrations and workshops on Maxilles making.

The attendees can taste and buy Maxilles while enjoying musical entertainment for all ages.

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Where: Lysos

When: 23/09/2023          Time: 18:00

Venue: Old Primary School

For more info: +357 99415711 or

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