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Loukoumi Festival

Nestled in the heart of Troodos Mountain, the charming village of Foini comes alive with a delightful celebration – the Loukoumi Festival! Tantalize your taste buds and immerse yourself in the rich tradition of loukoumi, the beloved Cyprus delight.

The heart of the festival is a vibrant market with local treasures. Stroll through colorful stalls overflowing with mouthwatering loukoumia in every flavor imaginable.

From classic rose and citrus to exotic pistachio and cherry, discover a world of sweet sensations.

The festival isn’t just about loukoumi! Explore a treasure trove of handcrafted pottery, a testament to Foini’s artistic heritage, and learn how to make a traditional wooden chair. As you explore, be captivated by the lively program of traditional music and dance, transporting

Live the experience

Where: Foini

When: 02/06/2024           Time: 11:00 – 19:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 25421545

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