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kolokasi festival

Kolokasi Festival

Kolokasi, a root vegetable also known as Colocasia Esculenta or Taro Root, is identified with Sotira, a small town in Kokkinochoria region (Red soil villages), on the southeast coast of Cyprus. The oldest reference to Kolokasi is found in 1191, as a dish served at the wedding dinner of the King of England Richard the Lionheart with Verengaria at Limassol castle. Kolokasi has been cultivated in Sotira since the beginning of the 20th century, when it was brought from Karpasia region. The vegetable adapted well to the area and local conditions, hence, Sotira currently produces more than 85% of Cyprus’ kolokasi.  Since 2016 “Kolokasi Sotiras” has been registered as “Protected Designation of Origin” and “Protected Geographical Indication”.

Kolokasi features prominently in the local cultural life as illustrated at the annual traditional Kolokasi Festival. One of the festival’s highlights is interaction with growers who share all their knowledge and stories related to Kolokasi. Distinguished chefs will not only demonstrate traditional recipes, such as kolokasi kappamas (a very well-known dish in Kokkinohoria region cooked with red wine), kolokasi yachni (stewed in tomato sauce), fried poulles (the side corms), but they will also develop innovative, signature recipes with the celebrated vegetable. In addition, food and drinks will be vended to satisfy all kinds of tastes.

The festival concludes with a live concert of famous Greek singers.

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festival sotira

Where: Sotira

When: 29/09/2023          Time: 19:30

Venue: Courtyard of Metamorphoseos tou Sotiros Church

For more info: +357 23821568 or

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