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Kaïkanas Fair

We dare to say that only a few hundred people know about kaïkanas and even fewer have tried it. Be the first among your friends to taste and learn all about it at Kaïkanas Fair in Foini village.

Kaïkanas is a dessert made with porridge of flour and eggs, fried in hot oil and served topped with epsima (grape syrup), sugar or honey. Kaïkanas used to be offered to vineyard workers. Grape-growing villages would help each other during harvest and the vineyard owner always had one obligation: to treat them all with a warm and tasty Kaïkanas.

During the Festival a small market is set up in the village square where you can taste and purchase local products such as Foiniotika loukoumia, jams, spoon sweets, dairy products and many more. Foini is also famous for its crafts, especially red clay pottery and chairs. Take this unique opportunity to meet the traditional artisans, observe how they work and appreciate our long but humble traditional crafts.

The Fair features activities for children and traditional music and dances.

Where: Foini

When: ————— Time: ————

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 25421545

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