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grape festival

Grape Harvest Festival

A blast from the past festival, where all the old traditions and agricultural practices related to grape harvest come to life. In September and October the vineyards are ready to welcome the hand pickers who collect the bunches with delicate moves, leaving the grapes intact. It is a very intensive, uncomfortable and hard labor but at the same time praiseworthy and priceless.

Live the experience by attending the Grape Harvest Festival in Panagia, a mountainous village in Pafos district. Perched at an altitude of 900 metres, this quaint village celebrates the grape harvest season a little bit later than the other villages as the high altitude and the limited sunshine make the grapes ripe in October.

Join the walk to the vineyards accompanied with donkeys and live music by talented players. Pick up the grapes and put the bunches gently in the baskets hanging from the donkeys. After the harvesting is done, a well-deserved “Mpoukkoma” (small bites of traditional breakfast) is offered to pay off the hard work.  From the fields we move to the square, where the grapes are put into the old-style winepress. Deep your feet into the grapes and watch the juice flowing in the barrels.

Stroll around the square and see demonstrations of how to make palouzes (creamy dessert of grape juice and flour), soutzioukkos (strings of almonds or walnuts dipped in palouzes) and zivania (strong pomace drink). Taste and buy other grape based products and observe the handcrafters who give life to items from the past. Before you leave, make sure you treat yourself with local wine offered by local wine makers.

During the festival you can also enjoy a photo and rural items exhibition, donkey rides and children activities; and in the afternoon, kick up your heels to traditional dances and music!

grape harvest

Where: Panagia village

When: 24/09/2023           Time:

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 26724080

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