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Imagine an impressive 300 km route full of stories. Come and join us on Cyprus’s Heartland of Legends Route to experience a journey like no other. Whether you choose to take a road trip to the Cyprus Heartland, hike along a nature trail or explore the picturesque villages on foot you will discover a story at every corner and an experiential activity to partake.


Or maybe you prefer to rent a bike or book a cycling tour, as cycling is a great way to enjoy the landscape and visit attractions all whilst exercising and enjoying the sun and the healthy fresh air. Or maybe you prefer a rush of adrenaline, and you would like to try out your climbing skills, and conquer high rocks and be rewarded with breathtaking views. Listen to the sounds of nature even the rocks have something to tell you. The rock you are resting on might be the same as the one that a famous queen or a goddess rested upon, or it might have been thrown to this position by a famous hero like Dhigenis Akritas or according to the local belief it has magical powers that bring rain.

Or just take it easy and relax. Create, Feel. Enjoy your own experience. Visit    a village, a fair, enjoy a coffee at a local kafeneio (coffee shop) or mingle with the locals and get introduced to the Cypriot way of living – take it slow.

Be a beekeeper for a day, taste a honey breakfast in one of the honey villages, participate in the preparation of  glyko  tou koutaliou (traditional sweet served on a spoon) and take a small jar with you. How about make halloumi or bake your own bread or even be an artist in a workshop, or weave your own basket, make your own mosaic or crochet, or pick up rose petals and follow the distill procedure to make rose water or even pick up the harvest of the season, experience collecting olives, take them to the mill and produce your own olive oil from olives you  have collected with your own hands. Follow a wine route, taste the local wines and the unique Kommandaria, proclaimed by Richard the Lionheart as the “wine of the Kings and the King of the wines”. Accompany them with smoked cold cuts and if impressed then follow the Smokey taste route.

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