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feggaros festival

Fengaros Festival

If you are a music lover and you want a short escape from the urban setting, Fengaros Festival is definitely a transformative experience for people of all ages.

Three days of music on three open-air stages, featuring world acclaimed live bands and DJs from across the world. An event that brings together contemporary music with folk sounds, rock, pop and dance music, DJs, psychedelic jams, hip hop, and many more. A unique chance for festivalgoers to enjoy first class music at the emblematic scenery of a traditional village.

Stay in one of the agrotourism establishments in Kato Drys, or the nearby villages, or bring your own tent to camp at designated camping places. Discover new sounds, new people and new experiences and get carried away by the music and the moon!

Why the moon? Fengaros derives from the word fengari, meaning “the Moon” in Greek. January and August are the months with the brightest moon, hence the popular saying “The Sun in May is as good as the Moon in August”.

Whether you stroll around the cobbled narrow streets of Kato Drys village or you are enjoying a gig, look up at the sky, spot the radiant Moon and let it whisper in your ear the story of the greatest love of all: the unique love story between the Moon and the Sun.

When the Sun and the Moon first met, before the creation of cosmos, they fell in love at first sight. And then God created the world and He gave them their light. “You, Moon, will illuminate the nights and enchant the lovers. You, Sun, will shine during the day giving warmth to people”. Realising that they had to part, the Sun and the Moon were desperate. The Moon cried and cried, and the Sun asked God for a favor: “Dear God, please help the Moon! She is more sensitive than me and cannot stand loneliness.” And then God gave her the stars. Ever since, when the Moon is sad, she shows us only her dark side, hiding her glow behind. When she feels lonely, she invites the stars to comfort her. But when she feels happy, there she stands, full and glowing.

God saw that the love of the Sun and the Moon, despite the distance, only grew!

So, He decided that no love would be impossible. Thus, He created the eclipse; when the Moon stands right in front of the Sun, hiding his surface from us! That is the moment when the Sun meets the Moon and make love. This glow of passion is so strong that can blind you. So, turn your gaze away, and let the lovers enjoy their moment!


While dancing with your loved ones at Fengaros Festival, remember that music reaches the sky, keeping company to the Moon, who can’t wait to meet her radiant lover at the next eclipse!

Where: Kato Drys

When: 01-03/08/2024

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