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Fanouropitta – Bake a pie to find lost things

On August 27th churches fill with a sweet smell of a simple round cake: Fanouropitta, named after Saint Fanourios who is celebrated on this date. After the church service, the cakes are offered to the churchgoers, so you may want to stick around!

Tradition has it that if you lose something (keys, jewelry, pets, even your health) and you bake a Fanouropitta, Saint Fanourios will help you find your missing item. As August 27 is the date we celebrate Saint Fanourios, this offering is taken to church to be blessed. On this particular day, some mothers bake Fanouropitta so that their children can find a nice spouse!

Fanouropitta has a particular feature: the number of ingredients used should be an odd number, ideally seven. Why seven? Because number 7 symbolizes the seven Sacraments, the days of the Creation and the Orders of Angels. The seven ingredients are: oil, flour, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, salt and orange juice. So simple yet so important if you want to stick to tradition.

During the preparation of the cake, we make sure that there is a lit candle and incense close by. On August 27, Fanouropittas are shared among all church goers. However, if you make the cake on any other day, you should cut it in seven pieces and share it with seven married women (who have only been married once!).

With the help of this humble offering, Saint Fanourios reveals what everyone desires to find: a missing item, good health, the love of your life!

If you are given the chance, try this simple vegan cake. It is delicious and you also help in fulfilling the wishes of the person who has baked it.

fanouropita pie

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