Take a legendary ride on a bike!

The wind in your hair, the sun on your back, the gentle crunch of tyres on gravel, the sounds of nature all around you, a glimpse of the sea sparkling in the distance, the smell of pines all around. Up ahead a tiny picturesque village beckons to be discovered.

A cycle tour enables you to come across things, which you would probably miss from inside a car. A chance encounter with a local, a stunning landscape filled with the sights and sounds of nature from up close, an ancient ruin or a secluded cove. Cypriots as a whole we are friendly people and cyclists always receive a warm welcome, particularly in the Heartland villages and the countryside, where traditional hospitality is still authentic.

If you decide to explore the Heartland of Legends on a pedal, you can find a wide range of accommodation to suit all pockets, an excellent road network and first class services. There is also some fine dining to be had in the “Taste” label awarded restaurants. Cypriot cuisine is typically Mediterranean with a lot of olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables suitable for cyclists!

You can choose to ride through lemon trees in the villages of Akrounta, Dierona and Arakapas. The area is known for its lemon tree and mandarin orchards. Don’t Miss the ruins of the of Dierona bridge which was built more than 200 years ago to enable the villagers to cross the river on their way to the local wheat grinding mill. The bridge is outside the village and is accessibly by a dirt road near the old church of Archangel Michael.

Maybe you prefer spectacular costal views along the Polis- Pyrgos road. It travels along the coast until a turning to the right leading to the village of Argaka. The road goes past the front of the village school and continues straight and south along a dirt road. It then turns southeast to the picnic site at Agios Merkourios. From there it goes along a descending forest road to Argaka and Makounta and back to Polis. Argaka is located between the sea and a pine forest and from the upper part of the village, the views are of exceptional Mediterranean beauty. The east part of the village has officially been deemed as a region of excellent natural beauty.

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You can follow one of the many cycling routes you can find on the visitcyprus website (complete with description, map, elevation graph and gpx to download). Look for the Heartland of Legend logo to choose a ride that goes through the heartland area.

Let us suggest a meal plan with local delicacies to suit your sport!

  • 2-3 hours before the ride
  • $ -
    Low-mid GI:
  • Fried tomato with scrambled eggs (Pomilorotigania)  or wheat and milk soup (Trahanas)
  • 30 minutes before the ride
  • $ -
    Mid GI snack:
  • Cypriot banana (small but extremely flavoured) or Carob Candy without nuts (Pasteli)
  • During the ride
  • $ -
    Fast delivery, high GI:
  • Dry Fig-pie (Sykopitta) or quince pie
  • After the ride
  • $ -
    Fast recovery:
  • Yogurt with honey and walnuts or anari cheese with carob  syrup
  • 2-3 hours after the ride
  • $ -
    Low-mid GI:
  • Goat meat slowly roasted in wood oven with salad (Kleftiko) or Beef meat slowly cooked in clay pot with various spices and vegetables (Tavvas)
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