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Crafting a Skafi

Skafi is a wooden kneading trough and was an essential household item. Crafting a skafi out of a wooden block was a well-respected trade. The forest around Moutoullas provided amble wood suitable for woodcarving and the village has a long tradition of skillful skafi craftsmen.

The village honours this tradition on a special day with lectures about the method and secrets of skafi craftingt, as well as a photo exhibition about the skafi tradition in connection with Cypriot culture and history. The few skillful craftsmen who still practice their trade will demonstrate skafi crafting.

Immerse yourself in local tradition and culture and perhaps you will be inspired to own a beautiful hand carved skafi to make your own bread.

Where: Moutoullas

When: May 2025        Time: 11:00 – 16:00

Venue: Community’s Council building

For more info:  +357 22952677  

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