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Anogyra Pasteli Festival

“Here is the good pasteli! You can buy it for three groshiaThe Cyprus pound was divided into 20 shillings. Each shilling was divided into 9 grosha/piasters, Pastellarides (pasteli street sellers) would hawk back in the old times. This may not be the case now, yet pasteli, is still produced in Anogyra village following the old procedure.

Pasteli is traditional sweet made from carob syrup and Anogyra has been one of the main carob-growing areas in Cyprus. Hence, their local festival celebrates the carob harvest and carob products. The main attraction of the festival is definitely the demonstration of Pasteli making: a long, complex and toilsome process.

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The traditional preparation method is practiced only in the cooler months of the year, between September and May, because pasteli does not shape well in a warm setting.

The traditional pasteli process starts with the selection of large, ripe carobs – which are juicier – and their thorough wash with water. The carobs are then coarsely ground and placed in wicker baskets, which are hung over cauldrons. They are left hanging for about twenty-four hours, during which they are frequently sprinkled with water. As a result, the carob juice “sherepetti” slowly drains from the baskets into the cauldrons. The juice is then transferred into a bigger cauldron and is boiled over low heat for about 5-6 hours until it thickens into a honey-like substance, i.e. carob honey. The carob honey is then boiled for another 3 hours, constantly stirred until it turns into a thick dark brown mass, which is left on a slab to cool. Then, the pasteli mass is hung from a pole and is “worked” by hand. It is pulled, stretched and wrapped repeatedly, until it acquires a golden colour. It is then cut into individual sized portions with a chisel.

anogyra pastelli
pastelli festival

Try “shereppeti” (the sweet carob juice) or “Terzellouthkia” (loop or spiral shaped dough cookies with carob honey). Before leaving, don’t forget to buy carob syrup! When you are back home, you can pour it in yoghurt or over anari cheese and revive the tastes of our island. You can even use it to marinade lamb meat.

The festival program includes traditional Cypriot music and dances, as well as a live concert by famous Greek singers.

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Where: Anogyra

When: 10/09/2023           Time: 11:00 – 20:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: 25221496 or

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