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Almond Tree Blossom Festivals

For every Cypriot product, plenty of events are being organized every year in the island. One of the most famous, is the celebration of the Blooming Almond Tree, which takes place in February in three villages: Limnatis, Giolou and Salamiou. Limnatis is a picturesque, quiet community in the region of Lemesos that produces Commandaria, Zivania and other derivatives of grape juice such as soutzoukos and palouzés. Giolou is one of the wine producing villages of Pafos district, while Salamiou, at an altitude of about 650 metres in Pafos district, is abundant in vineyards and of course almond trees.

Limnatis owes its fame to the almond trees that surround the village. Almonds are produced in many areas of Cyprus since ancient times and have been cultivated since the times of the Roman Empire, but the largest production takes place in Limnatis.

almond tree blossom cyprus

The programme of the annual Festival of the Blooming Almond Tree of Limnatis, Giolou and Salamiou includes shows of traditional dances and songs, demonstration of making soumada (almond cordial) and amigdaloto (almond dessert) as well as presentations of traditional professions.

The event attracts many visitors and locals, and everyone is offered soumada, amigdaloto, as well as local wine and zivania for free.  The Festivals are full of activities, exhibitions and demonstrations, celebrating nature’s beauty and local traditions. New smells, new tastes and new experiences for visitors and tourists.

Apart from the natural beauties of these three villages, today’s visitors will be enchanted by the rich and attractive scenery surrounding it. Wonderful little places which are quiet, warm, friendly, with amazing food and delights, altogether creating an unforgettable experience.


Where: Limnatis

When: Postponed          Time: ——

Venue: Limnatis’ Communal Football Stadium

For further info: +357 25432922 / +357 99687265

Transportation is offered from Dasoudi area – Lemesos: Price: 5 euros, Res: +357 99329879


Where: Giolou

When: 25/02/2024          Time: 11:00

Venue: Primary school

For further info: +357 26632472


Where: Salamiou

When: 03/03/2024          Time: 11:30

Venue: Environmental Center

For Further Info: +357 26442431



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