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Agricultural Festival

“A nation’s culture resides in the heart and soul of its people”, said Mahatma Gandhi; his words couldn’t be more spot on for the Agricultural Festival that takes place this year in Statos-Agios Fotios village. Farmers, handcrafters, woodworkers, weavers, embroiderers and many more artisans join up under the auspices of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO) to demonstrate Cyprus tradition, customs and products.

Stroll around the village square and meet passionate local growers who will exhibit their produces, showcasing the agricultural tradition that has nurtured many generations on the island. Greet the handcrafters and see how their crafts are made, like vourka (a goatskin bag made of the intact skin of a goat), or a shepherd’s crook. Local women with their skillful hands will demonstrate the traditional embroideries and hand-woven textiles explaining patterns and legends. Woodcarvers will reveal their secrets of how to shape images onto wood using special sharp tools.

If you attend this festival, make sure you go with an empty stomach because the delicacies made on spot are a feast for the eyes. You will have the chance to taste halloumi cheese, palouzes (creamy dessert; grape juice mixed with flour), pasteli (sweet made of carob syrup), loukoumi (Cypriot delight), honey products and many more. Make sure to watch the demonstration of traditional recipes by TV personality Chryso Lefou.

Dance along the Cypriot live music and try to learn the moves of the folkloric dances. Don’t miss the live concerts by famous Greek and Cypriot singers.

Make the most of your visit by walking along the cobbled, winding streets; visit museums and other attractions and discover local artifacts.

fithkiotiko ifanto

Where: Farmakas village

When: 12-13/10/2024

Time: 09/09 – 17:00-22:00, 10/09 – 10:00-18:30

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 22557651, +357 22557676

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