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agios demetrios festival

Agios Dimitrios Festival of Tradition and Culture

Before October bids us farewell, Agios Dimitrios, a small, picturesque community hidden in the green valley of Marathasa up in the Troodos Mountains, invites us to its annual Festival of tradition and culture. Agios Dimitrios village has the name of its patron saint, Saint Dimitrios, who is celebrated on the 26th of October. Hence, the local religious feast (panigyri) is combined with the Tradition and Culture Festival.

Agios Dimitrios village is known for its red clay pottery, a craft that features in the national List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Festival goers will have the opportunity to learn about this ancient handcraft, its techniques and beautiful outcomes: from flowerpots and pittoplakes (trays to bake pies) to beehives and small koumnes (pots for milk storage). Watch the potters spinning the wheel with their foot, giving life to red clay with their hands.

And of course, food cannot be absent from Tradition and Culture Festival! Watch the preparation of traditional Palouzes (creamy dessert; grape juice mixed with flour), Trachanas (a thick soup of a mixture of grain and fermented milk) and the distillation of Zivania (a strong traditional pomace drink). Taste traditional food, delicacies and drinks, and buy products and fruits grown in South Marathasa region.

Before you go, feel free to join the traditional dancers who will dance to live Cypriot music!

agios demetrios festival
pottery festival

Where: Agios Dimitrios Marathasas

When: 28/10/2023          Time: 11.00 – 18.00

For further information: +357 99539023, +357 99541824

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