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Afamia festival

Zeus, father of both divinities and mankind, was greatly worshiped in Cyprus, with Salamis as his most important cult site. God of the sky, lightning and thunder, Zeus’ many shrines were located on mountaintops, the appropriate home for a weather god. For instance, the mountain peak Afamis overlooking the picturesque village of Koilani. The name Afamis derives from Zeus’ cult adjectives, Euphemius or Euphamius, giving its name to the festival.

zivania local

Koilani, one of the most well-known wine villages in the Lemesos district, honors its wine producing heritage and the end of harvest. The annual festival, dating back to ancient times, is a celebration of grapes, wine, zivania and palouzes. In the village square, accompanied by traditional music and songs, visitors can stroll in the alleys of Koilani and enjoy the opportunity to taste wine from local wineries, watch a demonstration of zivania distillation, sample traditional desserts made from grapes and observe handcrafters. The scent of the freshly baked palouzes fills the atmosphere, gratifying the appetite of those savoring this exquisite traditional dessert.


Where: Koilani

When: 08/10/2023

Time: 11:00 – 18:00

For further information: + 357 25 471008 or

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