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Melenio Honey Children’s Festival

Swarm to Melini village for a sweet day of honey and fun! A unique festival for children and bees, the future of our planet!

The Honey Children’s Festival has been designed as a get-together of people who are interested in the world of nature, particularly bees. Children will explore, discover and get inspired through creative workshops, fairy tales, songs, flavors and aromas, music, arts and crafts.

Together we will create Bee Hotels, handmade cosmetics with beeswax, and crafts with recyclable materials. We will also enjoy finger licking honey treats.  Children will learn about the life of bees, about how bees are connected to our food chain, as well as about their vital role in all ecosystems.

Learning and fun will be enhanced with children’s dance groups and live music. Children will also meet and chat with beekeepers, exhibitors, sellers of honey and beehive products.

Follow the Honey Bee route in the Heartland of Legends to learn more about the Bee villages and their sweet stories.

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honey festival cyprus

Where: Melini village

When: 17/09/2023          Time: 11:00 – 19:00

Venue: Village square

For more info: +357 99427980

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